School Council

The School Council

We believe children should be actively involved in the decisions that affect them.
The School Council is made up of two children from each class, years 4-6 and a staff mentor.
Through this forum, pupils take an active part in the decision making process of the school by raising issues of concern to themselves, commenting on proposals suggested by the school and jointly deciding on the best way forward.
The children hold fortnightly meetings to discuss any issues that have been raised by pupils of the school.
The meeting is chaired by a School Councillor who was voted in by his fellow peers. Also another peer takes minutes of the meeting, types them up, distributes them and also places them up on the School Council board for everyone to read.
Our School Council organises and run fundraising events such as year group discos, to raise funds to buy equipment for the school. They give up their time after school to do this.
They have also organised sponsored non uniform days to raise money for the charity, Children In Need. The whole school has raised in excess of £8000.00 over the last 2 years through this event.
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