The school governors have agreed an admissions policy, which is strictly followed when allocating places for the Nursery. The same policy is adhered to by the LEA in their allocation of primary places to pupils entering reception.
In Hillingdon, children are admitted to full time school in the academic or school year when they become 5 years old. The school year runs from September to August. Children who become 5 between the 1st September and the end of February are admitted to full time school in September. Children who become 5 years old between the 1st March and 31st August are admitted to full time school in Janiary. Full time education from the age of 5 is statutory.
The local authority sends out forms to parents the year before a child is 5 years old for parents to complete and return to their first choice of school. Hillingdon council collects all the forms and allocates each child a school place taking account of parental choice. It is crucial that forms are returned by the deadline. Parents are informed about school places by letter from Hillingdon council.

All parents are able to apply for a school place on-line, if they wish. For those resident in Hillingdon the process is available at
Admission arrangements to our Nursery

Children who suffer from a long-term medical or psychological condition or who have been assessed by the LEA as having special educational needs which require attendance at William Byrd School.
Children where the medical or psychological condition of a member of the immediate family makes attendance at William Byrd School necessary.
Children who will have an older brother or sister living in the same household or elsewhere, and will still be attending William Byrd School at the beginning of the term in which the younger child starts full-time education.
Children to whom an educational supervision order applies and who are directed to attend William Byrd School.
Children whose parents have stated a first preference for William Byrd School living in an area bounded by:
  • the M4 to the North
  • the M4 spur to the West
  • the River Crane to the East
  • the Bath Road to the South (including any children living between the Bath Road and the Northern Perimeter Road)
will be allocated places in order of distance, measured in a straight line from the school to the home.
Children living nearest the school, measured in a straight line from the home to school.
Children whose parents name William Byrd School as their second preference. Places will be allocated only after all first preference applications have been considered. Distance from home to school is the only criterion.
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